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Saudi Arabia promotes the construction of a 170 km long building

The project to build a 170 km long skyscraper that can accommodate the entire population of New York City in the Arabian desert is underway with the participation of British company Atkins.

Công ty Anh Atkins sẽ tham gia xây dựng thành phố thẳng The Line trên sa mạc Arab. Ảnh: NEOM

Công ty Anh Atkins sẽ tham gia xây dựng thành phố thẳng The Line trên sa mạc Arab. Ảnh: NEOM

In addition to the special length, The Line also has a height of up to 500 m and a width of 200 m. The building will span deserts, hills, valleys and coastal terrain and has a mirrored exterior, so several systems could be put in place to ensure the building doesn't harm the population. local birds. The interior of the building will include housing, a park, a hospital, and every facility that can be found in a big city.
The project will operate on 100% renewable energy. In addition to the task of building and powering the straight city, providing water, food and a comfortable environment for such a large number of inhabitants, and at the same time disposing of waste in the desert is a big challenge. . According to Reuters, The Line will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage those issues and rely on residents' observations to predict their needs.
SNC-Lavalin, Atkins' parent company, is working with NEOM and other partner organizations to provide construction management consulting services for design, procurement, construction, testing and handover of projects. projects, along with infrastructure management that the city directly shares with neighboring NEOM projects and logistics.
The straight city project is in its early stages but contractors are already in the process of building the building. According to MIT Review, the project is under construction in the desert. Satellite images reveal construction progress and a crew of thousands of builders nearby. The Line City is located in the NEOM megacity under the Vision 2030 plan of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to transform the country's oil-dependent economy towards tourism. An Khang (According to New Atlas)

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